As you begin your journey to say goodbye to your loved one, Southern Monuments of Alice, TX wants to guide you in creating the ideal monument that reflects the memory of your loved one. We have the experience to walk you through finding the right monument for your loved one. This will ensure you create a beautiful monument that tells the story of your loved one’s life.

A lovely bench monument with custom etch work.

Monument Styles

Most monument styles are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and materials. Often times the cemetery will have their own set of rules regarding the size or style of your monument. Before purchasing your monument, it’s important to review these restrictions.

  • Upright Monuments - The largest style of monument, Uprights are easy to find in a cemetery setting and typically stay cleaner than most other types. The large surface area allows for personalization and names can typically be read at greater distances than other styles of monuments.
  • Slanted Monuments - This style of monument is much like the Upright, except the front face of the monument is slanted upward for easy reading.
  • Flat or Flush Style Monuments - Flat-style monuments are placed flush to the ground with their front face showing above. Some cemeteries require this type of monument for a consistent appearance. These monuments also make cemetery maintenance easier since you can mow over them. Because you have to stand over it to read, flat monuments are harder to find in a cemetery.
  • Bevel Monuments - The Bevel-style monument is much like the flat, except the top side is raised above the ground to create a slant or bevel, making it easier to find than Flat style monuments.
  • Bench Monument - This style can be used as a grave marker or memorial. This can be an inviting place where visitors can sit and remember times together. This type of monument is easy to find in a cemetery because of it’s unique shape.
  • Cremation Monuments - Cremation monuments are created with sealed, small niches to house the ashes (cremains) in an above ground unit. Even with cremation, loved ones still need a place to visit and grieve. This style of monument gives them just that.

Beveled Head Stone

Monument Types

We offer a complete range of monument types to satisfy everyone's requirements. Single plots, dual plots, child monuments, and war memorials are some of the different monuments you will find with us.

At Southern Monuments, we will take the time to help you determine the best monument type to commemorate your loved one.

  • Single Monuments - A single monument marks a single cemetery plot. An individual headstones can be crafted in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Southern Monuments can help you personalize your memorial to reflect your loved one.
  • Companion Monument - A companion-type headstone marks a dual cemetery plot. These monuments are also available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Each can be carefully crafted to reflect the love between the two sharing the memorial. Companion monuments are often purchased in advance.
  • Child Monument - No words can express how deeply sorry we are for any family who experiences a loss of a child. Because children are so dear, child monuments are tailored to reflect their special place in your family.
  • Veteran Monuments - We take great pride in honoring our loyal veterans and are sincerely honored to assist any family of a veteran with finding the right memorial headstone or marker.

Standing upright, this style monument is easy to read at a distance, and also very easy to clean.

Monument Materials

There are three monument materials are most commonly used today. Let us help you choose the right material for your memorial.

  • Granite - Very hard and durable, granite is able to withstand any climate. It is available in a large variety of colors and textures. This type of monument material is easy to engrave allowing for unlimited design options.
  • Marble  - Like granite, marble comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Although, it also comes in a wide range of densities, we offer only the highest quality. Marble is not as durable as granite and may not be permitted in some cemeteries.

Bronze - Since bronze does not rust or tarnish, this very strong material is popular monument material choice.  Bronze monuments are generally affixed to a granite base, assuring it will remain solid for many years.

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